Transform your passion into a profession

Discover the science & art behind grooming

Uncover the secrets to success in the world of dog grooming as you navigate through our comprehensive curriculum. Scroll down to embark on the journey towards a rewarding career in canine care with The Grooming Lab course.

  • Backed by 15+ years of grooming experience

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Master dog grooming with us

Our team has meticulously recruited and professionally trained numerous individuals, fostering their growth into adept managers proficiently overseeing the daily operations of a top-tier grooming salon.

The genesis of Grooming Lab emerged from a rigorous six-month endeavor, transforming individuals into skilled experts.

Grooming Lab is for you if you've ever:

  • Felt a strong bond with dogs and wanted a career where you could spend hours each and every day with them

  • Wanted a flexible career because you're bored of the day-to-day that comes with traditional jobs

  • Had a desire to take care of dogs personally and deepen your bond with dogs

Tailor made curriculum

Available for the first time to people outside our daycare.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the basics of dog handling to advanced grooming techniques.

Immerse yourself in each tutorial brimming with invaluable tips, tricks, and expert techniques meticulously designed to cultivate your skills as a proficient dog grooming artist. Bid farewell to novice days as you ascend to the status of a seasoned, skilled groomer.

Master the art of transforming any canine companion into a picture of elegance and charm, delighting owners with your ability to showcase their pets in the most presentable manner.


Introduction to Dog Grooming

You'll embark on an exciting and fulfilling path of understanding the fundamentals of professional dog grooming. This module is crafted to give you a strong foundation in the art and science of grooming, ensuring you have the skills to confidently groom your first dog.

Grooming Tools and Equipment

Explore the intricacies of canine care essentials in our specialized online training module, dedicated to dog grooming tools and equipment. Gain comprehensive insights into the selection, maintenance, and proficient usage of industry-standard tools. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the grooming experience for both groomers and their furry clients.


General Care (Extra services)

From nail maintenance to teeth care, and ear cleaning to the delicate task of expressing anal glands, our courses are meticulously curated to equip you with the skills essential for providing top-notch pet care. Elevate your proficiency and expand your repertoire of services to ensure the holistic health and happiness of your furry clients.

Bathing, Drying, and Brushing

Gain mastery in the intricacies of hydrobath procedures, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleansing experience for your canine companions. Perfect the art of blow drying and fluff drying to achieve impeccable results, leaving your furry clients pampered, refreshed, and looking their absolute best.


Grooming Foundations

Delve into a diverse range of courses covering essential skills such as hygiene clips, precise paw trimming, and grooming various areas of the dog's body. Elevate your expertise and cultivate the proficiency needed to ensure the overall grooming excellence and comfort of your canine clients.

Turn your joy for dogs into a rewarding & fulfilling career

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Up-front payment

A one-time purchase of AU$1500.

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6 monthly instalments

6 monthly payments of AU$275 for a total of AU$1650.

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